Lebanese rural delights: Hamod El Housrom

We all know that August and September are the “Mouneh” months in Lebanon. It is that time of the year when our teta’s, aunties and the ladies of the villages get busy pickling and preserving summer produces for the winter season.



Preparing the Mouneh is a practice that goes back for centuries and is an essential experience of the Lebanese kitchen, especially in the villages, where almost every lady cherish her own food recipe.

Today’s journey take us to the village of Ehmej, to prepare with Jean d’Arc one of the most tasteful verjuice – Hamod El Hosroum, the acidic concentrate made from unripe grapes.

The secret of Jean d’Arc recipe is to make the hole process in a very traditional way in order to preserve the high acid taste of low-sugar grapes, thus the best harvest time is before the crop start to ripen.




After the sour grapes are collected and washed, the process start by crushing the grapes using a juicer before picking the grapes one by one by hand . Then, the juice and grapes are put on fire for hours.


Then start the process of stirring the mixture and removing the foam until the liquid start to be thick. the juice is extracted by putting the “hosroum” in a bag to remove the seeds and rods remnant.

The obtained juice is strained again and then boiled until its color start to move into dark orange, thencoarse salt is added and the Hosroum is removed from the fire to cool down before pouring it into sterilized bottles!


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