Ward Café, a glimpse of yesteryear’s in the heart of Hadath El Jebbeh.

If you are planning a visit to Bcharré, then a stop at Ward Café is a must do.

Located in the heart of Hadath el Jebbeh, facing the Cedars forest, midway betweem the Cedars , Bcharre, Bekaa Kafra and Tannourine, Ward’s place is a typical Old style Lebanese café serving a wild range of coffee, beverages, desserts in addition to traditional Lebanese food such as Labneh and Jebneh baladie ( Lebanese dairy products) Fresh eggs served in the clay pottery, Awarma and more….


Managed by Ward, a beautiful young lady from the village, the coffee shop reflects a welcoming atmosphere, all the furniture and decorative items were choose carefully in order to preserve the spirit of the Lebanese hospitality and heritage.


At Ward Café, you will get the chance to eat succulent fresh food, made by the local. The dairy products are outsourced from trusted farmers, while the vegetables are locally grown. Even the Ice-cream is made by the villagers of neighborhood areas and has a delicious taste!



Beside managing the Café, Ward member of Hadath El Jebbeh local guides and she will be more than happy to provide travelers with all kind of tips and recommendations as well as organizing customized guided tour upon requests.





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