Adonis Valley, preserving the Lebanese Food Heritage

Adonis Valley offers a unique experience for families, travelers and food addict.

Nestled in the enchanting valley of Fatre, surrounded with beautiful landscape and serene mountains, the farm has a distinctive concept aiming to protect the Lebanese food heritage through sustainable agricultural and rural development, in order to provide the Lebanese market with organic gourmet food.


20170805_123832.jpgAdonis Valley is a dream location for all people looking to have a healthy organic food full of flavors and taste. It offers all kind of traditional rural products such as syrups, molasses,Thyme, tomato paste and more.




Raw Black Honey Harvest

Its the bee harvest season, and for the occasion, Adonis Valley is organizing for three consecutive days- that will end on Sunday, August 6- a Honey harvest event, inviting all people to  experience the harvest process , taste raw honey, and eat home made yummy food.




Adonis Valley Educational Farm

Being an educational farm, Adonis Valley is the perfect destination for families with kids looking to enjoy a day out in the nature, exploring the farmers life full of wonderful adventures.

At Adonis Valley, your kids will get the chance to enrich their culture and knowledge with the plant and animal worlds as well as getting  to experience the organic food prepared from the natural ingredients in the farm.





Adonis Valley Eatery

Open during weekend and upon request, the Eatery of Adonis Valley offers all kind of Sajj made with organic tasty food.

Distinguished by its unique oven, and surrounding beautiful scenery , the eatery of Adonis Valley is the perfect retreat for people looking to escape the hassle of the city and enjoy a day out in the mountains.


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