Escape the ordinary, enjoy Lebanon

I have always believed, the best way to enjoy Lebanon is to go without a plan, make new discoveries, meet new people and collect priceless memories.

Connected in a very magical way, the internal geographical borders were made to ease your journeys and help you make the best of your road trips.

I’m showing you below how your weekend can start in Byblos and end up in Bekaa, passing through 6 great destinations in just 24 hours!

Our Itinerary includes: Akoura, Afqa, Baalbeck, Rayak, Anjar and Taanayel.

1- Rweiss Cave – Akoura

Start your day off right with a succulent man’ouche at Saj Sayde, in Akoura, a mountainous Lebanese village located 45 minutes away from Byblos Highway.


Full of beautiful landscapes and magical wanders, Akoura is home of Rweiss Grotto, the second biggest cave in Lebanon after Jeitta. The site is totally safe and suitable for all family members yet a guide assistance is highly recommended.

Contact: Alaa El Hachem 03128708




2- Afqa Grotto Sightseeing

The Sacred source of Ibrahim River, the thrilling cave keep fascinating travelers from all over the world. The cave is accessible only during September and October and with the escort of a professional guide.

Contact: Naim Mhanna 70-941573

Afqa Grotto

3-Shepherds visits

From Afqa, we will take the road connecting Mount Lebanon to Bekaa government. the route is totally safe and the drive to Baalbeck should take around one hour. On the road you will get to enjoy shepherds nomadic tents. scattered along the way. Almost all of them sell fresh dairy products such as Labneh, kechek , awarma.



The tannour is mainly open during the day and you will get the chance to eat one of the best traditional bread in Lebanon!


4- Baalbeck, city of the Sun

Known by Heliopolis or the city of the sun, Baalbeck has one of the most majestic monuments in Lebanon. It comprises Jupiter, the largest temple built by the Romans anywhere in the world, in addition of the impressive temple of Bacchus and the tiny temple of Venus.

Enter a caption
Bacchus Temple
Venus Temple

5- Riyak Train Station

After a night stop in Baalbeck we continue our trip towards Riyak train station. It  was the first railway to be built in Lebanon connecting Beirut to Damascus. The site is now an abandoned station that offers a glimpse of the vestiges of yesteryear.



6- Anjar

Anjar site is a Unesco world heritage. It reflects the Umayyad civilization and used to be an inland commercial center connecting Beirut to Damascus, Homs and Tiberiade. The site of this ancient city was only discovered by archaeologists at the end of the 1940s.



7- Lunch at Shams Restaurant – Anjar

One of the best restaurants in the whole Bekaa Valley, everyone has to experience at least once Shams hospitality. The restaurants serves traditional Lebanese food in addition of selective Armenian choice.



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