A wild journey with Jroud Baalbeck shepherds

There’s only one way to see Lebanon wild interior and that’s with the shepherds who tread its ancient trails and are preserving  till date our beautiful heritage!

Less than one hour from of Byblos city, lies the rugged mountain wilderness connecting Jord El Akoura to Hadath Baalbeck. Dominated by the vast expanse of juniper trees, the region offers infinite arid valleys, endless flocks of sheep and an immersion in the simple shepherd culture.


Scattered in the mountains, dozens of tents host shepherds and farmers coming from Ersel and Baalbeck with their only heritage in life, their herd!

They do spend Spring and summer in the upper peaks feeding their sheep and using the milk to make all kind of traditional dairy products such as Labneh and Jebneh darfieh, kecheck, awarma and more.




The outstanding hospitality of these persons will make the best of your journey, so while taking the drive from Byblos towards Baalbeck, don’t hesitate to stop by any tent, enjoy a cup of coffee with the locals, eat Tannour Bread and buy  tasteful fresh dairy products!

Stay connected a full documentary will follow soon!







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