Saida, the largest city of South Lebanon.

My adventurous side is calling for a new road trip, especially that we are celebrating Labor Day and for the occasion a long weekend!

The perfect sunny weather encouraged us to take the drive towards South of Lebanon, more specifically Sidon and Tyre.

These beautiful cities full of history, culture, fishing ports, azure blue beaches and more.

Our first stop was in Sidon or as local love to call it Saida!

Located 48 kilometers away from Beirut , Saida is an amazing active city full of places to discover.

Saida Sea Castle

Sidon Castle

Sidon’s Sea Castle was built by the crusaders. A small island connected to the mainland by a causeway. The upper tour offer an amazing view overlooking the city, old souks and the fishing port.



Saida Port

The active fishing port of Saida invites you to enjoy a walk all around and admire the busy life of fishermen.

Boat tours are available along the coastal side, offering short discovery trips for tourists and travelers.



Saida Old Souks

Saida is a busy city, full of crowded streets with merchants selling all sorts of products such fresh fruits and vegetables , clothes food and furniture. Strolling through the city’s streets lets you soak up Saida ambiance like a local and will lead you to Debbane Palace Museum and Audi Soap Museum.



Debbane Palace Museum

Almost three-hundred years of palace history. Classified as an archaeological site since 1968, the place is open for the public for free. The palace features imprints of Ottoman and Mameluke architecture, a small fountain inside the main hall,beside beautiful furniture collected all over the past years.

Debbane Palace Museum


Audi Soaps Museum

Audi Soaps Museum

Located inside the Old Souk, Audi Museum features soaps museum, souvenir shop and a small cafeteria.

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