Kaak Jbeil – Furn Bou Assaf

You can’t go to Byblos and not pay a visit to Furn Abou Assaf.

Located in the heart of Byblos Souk, this boutique bakery has been making traditional crunchy Kaak for the past fifty years.





Recipes and experience of dough making  as a local craft were handed down by families. This small bakery has been producing with passion and love same traditional Kaak day after day since years now.

Back in the year the place used to be named “Furn El Saha” now its well known all over Byblos as Furn Abou Assaf.

Open all week long from 7 am till 2 pm, the bakery offers Traditional crunchy Kaak in big and small size, stuffed kaak ( cheese, zaatar…) and assortment of Man2ouche, Lahme B Ajin, Pizza…

Best time to visit? Definitely on a Sunday morning!






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