Saydet El Qaren in White

Saydet El Qaren holds a special place in my life and I was waiting impatiently for the day I will enjoy snowshoeing across the area.

Located at an altitude above 2050 meters, Saydet El Qaren is the perfect spot for outdoor activities, specially if you are seeking some challenging adventures.

Even though winter season is almost over, yet pure white snow is still covering top of Laqlouq mountains inviting sports lovers to enjoy cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and much much more of winter activities.

Saydet El Qaren


Hiker by nature, I have always enjoyed Lebanon my way. Moving across the country, cumulating beautiful memories and challenging adventures, yet I’ll have to confess snowshoeing in Saydet El Qaren this time was one of the most challenges I ever had to experience.

Astonishing view from top of Laqlouq Mountains
Frozen Lakes as seen from the Top

Heading to the top was very rough because of wet heavy slushy snow , yet the spectacular piece of the whole amazing Laqlouq was worth it!



Laqlouq Village
Above 2030 meters


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