Winter in Byblos: A cool time to go local

Picturesque, historical, romantic and dreamy, no other town is as uniquely graceful as Byblos, which can be explored on foot all year round but has a special appeal during winter season!

City of Byblos

One of Byblos greatest treats is strolling down the charming alleys of the Old Souk towards the fishing port and feel the vibrant atmosphere emanating of its lively streets full of history, culture and happy faces!

This February,slow down and savor five best things to do in Byblos, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world!

A  cosy Coffee shop in Byblos Old Souk

1- Strolling through Byblos Old Souk

If you are feeling tourist-y, Byblos Old Souk is the place to be. It is a spot where souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes & pubs are centered within walking distance of city center,Crusader Castle and the fishing port.



2- Byblos Fishing Port

Either in the morning, afternoon or sunset time, walking by Byblos Old Port will always make you feel a serenata of peaceful sensations. Fishermen busy life and the active boats trips will take you in a daydream moments full of sea flavors and Byblos brightful colors.

Byblos Old Port
Byblos Old Port


Fishermen spot

3- Byblos Crusader Castle

Perched on the cliff edge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Byblos Crusader Castle offers a spectacular view of Byblos Old city, Byblos Old Port and the clear blue sea.

Thousand years of history, culture and magic are waiting for you the moment you step inside the majestic Citadel.

Byblos Crusader Castle
Byblos as seen from the Castle
Byblos Crusader Castle
The famous old house in Byblos Castle


4- Nossa Senhora da Penna Church

Nossa Senhora da Penna Church has been standing there for centuries. I believe “Saydet El Maysse” -as local people of Byblos love to name it- is one of the most cherished and visited places in Byblos Old City.


Nossa Senora Da Penna

5- Coffee at Byblos Sur Mer

One of the most charming places overlooking Byblos Old Port and the Crystal Blue Sea. Byblos Sur Mer Hotel is your perfect location either for a cup of coffee, a tasteful meal or a good glass of wine.

Open all year round, this boutique hotels invites you to chill and relax  while enjoying the astonishing view of Byblos Harbour.

Coffee Lounge of Byblos Sur Mer Hotel
Lebanese Coffee with a View
Byblos Sur Mer Hotel

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