Colonel, a microbrewery worth the road trip all the way to Batroun!!

Batroun city is known for its historic Phoenician wall, quaint old souk, Fishing old port, beaches, wineries … and now, luckily for true beer lovers, Colonel Beer!


The Microbrewery 


Over the past few years, the craft beer craze has settled in nicely in the United States, United Kingdom,Italy,Germany… with new microbreweries popping up seemingly every day featuring the best ingredients, locations and creative techniques the area can offer. 

In Lebanon we had the chance to be part of this international trend thanks to Jamil Haddad, founder and owner of Colonel Beer and winner of business of the year at the Brilliant Lebanese Award edition 2016.



Located on the shore of Batroun, the microbrewery takes pride in brewing 100% natural beer, with no preservatives and a lot of love and passion .

When you meet Jamil, you can’t but feel positive vibes emanating from this young entrepreneur, who is fully committed to establish Colonel Beer as a successful business in accordance with international standards.

The brewery is manufacturing up to 12 kind of beer with alcohol  content varying between 4.6% and 6.1% most of them served as fresh draft beer..


Next time you are in Batroun area, make sure to book yourself a tour inside the brewery and wrap your visit with a fresh beer in the Eco-friendly setup of the annexed resto-pub. 

Passion Fruit Beer

Beside traditional classic beer, u can enjoy seasonal flavors. I was lucky enough to taste  Passion Fruit, Black Coffee, Lychee and Pumpkin beer. My favorite was undoubtedly the Passion Fruit!


Selection of the season

Colonel Beer is highly recommended whether  you are a beer lover or not. A charming place to visit all year round, with fresh beer, live entertainment and a calendar of social events on the menu. 

Useful information:



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