Arz Ehemj…Your new winter break destination.

If you are after coziness, good food and a wonderful rustic set up then Ehmej is the your destination this winter season!


If you’re looking for a family trip that embraces the great outdoors in a tranquil atmosphere, than Arz Ehmej is a most visit!

A quaint destination nestled in a small valley ideally located between Ehmej and Laqlouq, Arz Ehmej welcomes you for a halt to the white and tranquility.

You can choose among a wide range of mountain activities from snowshoeing to hiking, sledding or Igloo building…

The Village tour leaders and local guides will assist you with all these activities and will help make your stay memorable.


Arz Ehmej accommodations includes bungalows, caravans and a restaurant.

The restaurant has a charming atmosphere with large windows overlooking the white mountains and serving tasteful Lebanese cuisine prepared with love by the village Ladies.

Be sure to get a table near the chimney and you won’t regret it. It is cozy, warm, and delightful.


To get all the details about Arz Ehmej you can follow them on :

Or Call Ehmej Municipality on : 09 504025

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