A Perfect Rainy day in Beit ed Dine and Deir El Qamar

The rainy, cold weather may have stopped some people from going outside this week, but it didn’t stop me from accompanying friends coming over from Jordan to explore Beit Ed Dine Palace and the lovely village of Deir El Qamar.

Beit Ed dine Palace

We started our day with a traditional tour inside Beit Ed Dine Palace. I will always stand amazed facing the sumptuous grandness of this majestic residence and no matter how many times we visit, there is always something new to discover inside the palace walls. Something that will make you wish you could have witnessed historical moments in the days of emir Bashir Shihab.

Beit Ed Dine Palace

Heavy rain and mist has prevented us from discovering the beautiful gardens in the lower courtyard so we had to cut short the visit and try to find a refuge until the rain stops.

There was no better place than Mir Amin Palace to pause, have some rest and enjoy a warm cup of tea!

Mir Amin Palace.

The rain didn’t stop but we didn’t want to shorten our trip because of little rain drops.

That’s how we ended up walking in the charming streets of Deir El Qamar despite the bad weather.

Saydet El Talle Church

While strolling the streets you can’t but notice how the village has preserved its historical cachet. Almost all houses has the same architectural design. A mixture of beautiful Lebanese old stones and flourishing arched windows.

Streets of Deir El Qamar.

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