Sledding with Tessa in Laqlouq

Holidays are almost over, my friend is going back to Dubai tomorrow early afternoon… Yet we didn’t have the time to enjoy outdoor activities, I’m not sure if it’s because of the bad weather or simply because time flies faster when we are on Holidays…


Ready to slide!


Despite the windy atmosphere we have decided to make it to Laqlouq so Tessa can play in the snow and make the traditional Snowman!

Things she will never be able to do in Dubai.

Laqlouq, also spelled Laklouk is a small mountainous village  in Byblos District. It is located 69 kilometers northeast of Beirut, 45 minutes away from Byblos highway at the base altitude of 1777 meters.

Our first stop was in Ehmej, a small village situated 11 km before Laqlouq and full of small ski rental shops; we picked our colorful sleds and moved directly towards the white  mountains.

Fun Time!

I wonder why people have forgotten how its easy to enjoy life simple things though all what we need is a little of free time and lot of fresh cold snow!

This was our recipe of the day; A day full of smiles,laughter’s and snow slips. A day well spent  with friends, trying to build the perfect snowman and sledding  at the top of Laqlouq mountains…

Wise enough to never grow up!

Playing like kids made us crave for food and there is no better choices than Man2ouche Saj and Labneh Baladie to satisfy our hanger, especially when we are in the mountains and the food is fresh, organic and homemade!

Manouche at Saj Em Georges – Annaya



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  1. MyBeirut says:

    Nice read! Lebanon is such an amazing place… It just gets me, I just love it 🙂


    1. Indeed! Lebanon is an amazing place for those who knows how to enjoy it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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