A Snowy Day Out in Annaya and Ehmej.

I’ve always loved stormy days specially when I have the opportunity to ride towards the Lebanese snowy mountains… Yesterday was no exception.

My destination was Saint Charbel convent Annaya, the closest snowy destination since I live in Byblos. (http://www.saintcharbel-annaya.com/).



I have always been fascinated by the magic of the place, definitely  I’m not the only one! Despite the weather and cold temperature ( zero degree) the place was full of people mainly families with kids, Lebanese immigrants enjoying the Holidays!


Saint Charbel – Annaya

Snowflakes started to fall gently all over the place, but not strongly enough to block the roads so I took the  decision to continue my journey up to Ehmej, a typical Lebanese Village nestled between Annaya and Laqlouq.

The Road between Saint Charbel Annaya and Hermitage of Saint Peter & Paul

Grayish sky and glaze accompanied us all the way from Annaya to Ehmej, yet the drive was smooth and roads were open. So we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful white mountains, historical old houses covered in white and mother nature adorned majestically by Mr. snow!

Typical Old Lebanese House – Ehmej
Traditional Lebanese House with Arcades

I ended up my day at a Friend place in Ehmej in a warm atmosphere around the “Soubia” (a traditional Lebanese fireplace) with lot of Christmas Yummie food, home made Liquor chestnuts and more…

Festivities Food


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