Hachli Berbara…

It’s that time of the year again…

Time to savor traditional Lebanese delights such Ameh Maslouk, Mouchabak, Ouwaymet, Atayef and Maakroun…

Time to fill Candies bowl with sweets, lollipops and chocolates…

Time to wait for grandchildren’s, nephew’s and neighborhood children’s to knock the door while singing Hachli Berbara Maa Banat El hara…


Eid El Berbara or Saint Barbara’s day is celebrated in honor of the Christian Martyr, Saint Barbara on December 4.

In the past, kids and adults used to disguised themselves with funny old clothes found in the attic, nowadays this celebration has been far too commercial and stores are selling ready-made costumes mainly inspired by cartoons characters. Yet families and schools are trying to preserve the real meaning of  Eid El Berbara while bakeries count on this day to sell traditional yummy sweets…

Atayef B Joz W Atayef b Achta
Beautiful Outfit!

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