Five Things to do in Lebanon This Weekend.

Maarad El Mouneh – Arz Ehmej



A display of Lebanese heritage food in addition to Mouneh and Karke . Traditional Lebanese lunch and dinner will be served during the whole weekend.

Friday, September 23 – Starting 4:00 PM
Sunday,September 25 – till 12h30 AM
Location: Arz Ehmej – Ehmej


مهرجان المونة 2016

Arak Festival – Khan El Makssoud, Taanayel

arakPromoting the culture and tradition of the Bekaa, arcenciel’s Tourism Program is throwing its first ever Arak festival!
In addition to promoting Zahle’s traditional spirit, the arak festival will focus on enhancing the region’s culinary specialties through food tasting and workshops on traditions and customs.
All the benefits generated by the Arak festival will be redistributed to arcenciel’s social and environmental initiatives.

Saturday at 12 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: Khan El Makssoud – Taanayel

Festival de l’Arak

La Fete des Potiers  – Bkerzay


Traditional pottery festival in the heart of Chouf , guided tour to Baakline forest workshops for kids and handmade craft display.

Saturday, September 24 – Starting 10:00 AM

Sunday, September 25 – Starting 10:00 AM

Location: Bkerzay – Baakline

La Fête Des Potiers à Bkerzay

Saida in Color – Saida


Color Fun with a full schedule of live performances on stage and DJ in addition to Rally Bike organized by Future Scouts and Beirut by Bike.

Sunday, September 25 – Starting 9:00 AM

Location: Saida Waterfront

Saida in Color

Burger Fest 2016- Zouk Mikael


This is your chance to meet  your favorite burger diners in town, all in one place at Zouk Mikael – Municipality Square.

Friday, September 23 – Starting 6:00 PM
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 – Starting 12:00 noon
Location: Zouk Mikael – Municipality Square

Burgerfest 2016 – Zouk Mikael

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