September breeze in Hadath El Jebbeh

Personally, I have always considered Hahadt El Jebbeh as a combination of white clouds, red roof tops, beautiful old houses and Ward!

Ward Cafe

You can’t start your day in Hadath El Jebbeh without a delicious Lebanese breakfast at Ward Cafe managed by “Ward” a dear friend I had the chance to meet three years ago at  Auberge Hadath El Jebbeh.

Ward Cafe

Ward Cafe is a typical place to enjoy traditional tasty food. Bayd bel fekhara (sunny side up eggs in pottery pan) Jebne baladie (cottage cheese) Fresh vegetables directly from the garden and much much more delicacies!

Ward Cafe

The coffee shop has a very retro feel and looks like the cozy corner of your grandma house. The decoration and accessories add a warm atmosphere: quite simple and lovable.

Ward Cafe

A Walk full of History and Culture

Hadath El Jebbeh is one of the oldest villages in the mountains of Lebanon,Located in Bcharre district at an altitude of 1500 meters on the foothill of Wadi Qannoubine, which makes of it a wonderful destination all year round!



The best way to discover Hadath heritage is to stroll through the place, so dress comfortably, park your car and start walking!

Exploring the village is easy even for families, it will take around one hour and a half to do the whole tour and explore the ancient fountain, sarcophagus and old water mills.

Ancient Fountain

Hiking in the valleys is totally safe, but it’s  preferable to get the help of a local guide in order to fully enjoy the rich culture of Hadath.

As per historians, Sarcophagus went back to the era of Queen Zia, one of the daughters of the King Nebuchadnezzar who suffered from Tuberculosis and moved to Hadath for recovery.


Old Water Mills

In addition to all the above, Hadath  is the home of 9 old water  mills,they used to be powered by density of snow during winter season. You can still see clearly the remnants of two mills event though they stopped working in the thirties of last century.

Lunch break at Al Hawra

Al Hawra Restaurant

Well deserved delicious lunch after the hearty walk is all what you need! Al Hawra restaurant will serve you classical Lebanese food, the place is correct, staff are very polite and friendly, offering seasonal fruits and coffee as gestures of welcome!

Hadath El Jebbeh Cedars forest.


We can’t go to Hadath without dropping by the Cedars forest, one of the most important high density cedars forest in Lebanon.It is the home for three hundred thousands trees of Cedrus Libani type,hundreds of rock herbs and wild flowers,dozens of species of birds as well different types of mushrooms.


You can choose among the six different trails for a professional hike, or simply walk around, enjoy last summer days breeze and if you are lucky enough you will have the chance to meet local farmers going back home with their lovely sheep!

Adventures seekers are invited to extend their visit in order to make the best of the trip and end up the day around a joyful bonfire and sleepover at Auberge Hadath El Jebbeh.


Auberge Hadath El Jebbeh



A charming guesthouse built on 1928 and newly renovated,the Auberge is a typical Lebanese old house with a spacious interior divided by traditional pillars and stones.

The guesthouse is very basic but clean and tidy with a very friendly and accommodating staff .

Useful information

Al Hawra Restaurant: 06-977100


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