Colors and flavors in Mina Trablous

Colors and flavors in Mina Trablous


I make no secret of my love for enchanted Tripoli, especially Crusader Castle of Saint Gilles, exotic ancient city streets, Al Hallab Palace Sweets…

And this afternoon my love for this city has grown as I had to discover it from a whole new angle during Tripoli’s Minot Food & Feast Festival.



Even though it took us a while to find the event place, hidden off the Mina main street, I don’t regret a second of the time spent walking around vibrant streets, tasting yummy food, uncovering hidden handicrafts and chatting with Tripoli friendly locals.



Streets were full of Villagers from Tripoli, Akkar and Dennieyh, displaying their yummy Mouneh, Organic vegetables, homemade cooks and healthy treats…



Artisans from Tripoli, Beirut, Zouk, Tayouneh… exposing creative handmade crafts, soaps, crochets, leathers, coppers….




Small Lovely coffee shops offering coffees, refreshment juices and other delicateness…



The famous Lemonade seller, walking all around with his distinguished huge Lemonade Jar…



Minot Festival was more than just a food and handicrafts event, it was an escape from the daily routine, a parenthesis that propels me in a world full of colors, flavors, life and happiness.



Today and for the first time, I witnessed a casual Tripoli, a city that wanted only to party and enjoy simple pleasures life has to offer spreading small seeds of happiness all over Mina Streets…

Thank you Rebranding Tripoli Association, Souk El Tayeb and Live Love Beirut for this positive initiative and hopefully it won’t be a single edition!

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