Aurora Vin de Montagne… A wonderful Aromatic exploration.

Aurora Vin de Montagne…

A wonderful Aromatic exploration.




Aurora Vin de Montagne is not about making and selling wine, it is the story of a heartily

committed family who had the courage to turn its passion for wine into a successful

business in order to provide the best of what the Lebanese wine has to offer to someone

who believes wine!



I was lucky enough to visit the Winery during harvest time, the season of hard labor and

delectation, when energetic vibes emanate from all the laborers in the field while David,

the oenologist, wanders in the vineyards, samples grapes and ensures each vine is getting

the perfect amount of sun and shade.



Walking in the vineyards with Fady was a unique experience, this surcharged Doctor who

yet finds time to build this rich heritage and transforms his meadows in Oura to a fertile

ground producing one of the finest wine available in the Lebanese market.



Aurora Wines

The Batroun region provides an exceptional weather for growing grapes, a combination

of 300 days of sun, clay and limestone soils that make a solid base for a tasteful

collection of Crystal, Cabernet Franc, Cuvé N and Chateau.



I still remember the first time I tasted Crystal and Chateau (my favorite) at the

Hippodrome de Beirut, during Vinifest 2015 and since, I’m still amazed. We were a bunch

of wine addicted friends always on the hunt for some good Lebanese wine and Aurora

Vin De Montagne exceeded our expectations. Needless to say that my collection grew up

to include Aurora Wines.




Nestled in a beautiful northern region surrounded by Olive and Pine trees, Rachkiddeh is

the motherland of Aurora, a full production Boutique Winery producing over 10.000

bottles of wine yearly.



The winery is very easy to locate, Once you leave Batroun highway towards Tannourine

and  after twenty three minutes of driving you will reach the bifurcation leading to Assia /

Rachkiddeh, there you turn right and go after the winery red boards.

The winery is open for a tour and wine tasting upon request.  It is a perfect escape for all

ages, Families, group of friends …


I would suggest to combine it with half day tour in Batroun city, enjoy a walk in the old

souks and fishing port. Otherwise, you can head up to the lovely village of Douma and

wrap your day walking in the beautiful streets featuring the village’s old houses.

Winery Information



Contact number: 71632620

Point of Sales: At the Winery -Vintage Wine Cellar

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  1. Nice article! I love reading about wine regions around the world. We live in Napa Valley, California, but great wine comes from everywhere. Feel free to check out our wine country blog at and follow us if you like what you see.


    1. Thank you for your feedback, stay tuned more posts about Lebanese Wine will follow!
      Ill check your blog for sure.

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