Tannourine, My Hometown!

Hidden Away in North Lebanon- Batroun district, surrounded by mountains, the place I call home is often referred to Tannourine. A popular destination in all seasons, it offers a wide range of adventure sports, family activities, nature escape and everything else one requires for weekdays short break or a weekend getaway.


Tannourine provides off-mountain accommodation for those seeking the snow in winter, but also a base for those wanting to explore the area by mountain bike, foot or ATV in summer.

In Summer season Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve offers great hiking tracks for those of all ages. From short one hour walks through the reserve to those lasting few days all around the area and requiring camping out.

Tannourine Cedars Reserve

The reserve has 5 hiking trails with different difficulty levels, a friendly staff  at the main entrance has all the information you need to make your discovery enjoyable.

Tannourine Cedars Reserve

Different activities are available as well such biking,snowshoeing,star-gazing and bird watching.


After all these sports activities you may want a little bit of relaxation now, and by that I mean the discovery of ancient Maronite Monasteries.

After few minutes of driving over orchards you will reach Deir Mar Antonios or the Monastery of Saint Anthony – Houb, the Monastery stands in a beautiful green area, peacefully lulled by the sound of Al Jawz Rivier. It was built around 1700.The large building has a red tile and its Church has been carefully restored to preserve the original architecture.

Deir Mar Antonios

From there you continue to Mar Chalita, a beautiful archaeological Church that dates from Crusader period.

MAr Chalita
Deir Mar Chalita

All these activities causes hunger and that is a great way to continue this trip. Just five minutes away from Tannourine, specifically in Tannourine El Tahta, you can enjoy a typical Homemade Lebanese Lunch in one of the different restaurants nestled by El Joz River. Here you can eat Tabbouleh , Kebbeh Nayeh and Lebanese Mezze while listening to the birds songs mixed with river sounds.

After the First day in Tannourine you may want to stay longer in order to continue your discovery in the area. I can recommend “Eco Dalida” located few steps away from the Cedars Reserve, perched on a small hill, it offers an astonishing view overlooking Tannourine Cedars Reserve and surrounding mountains. Eco Dalida offers lodging,authentic food restaurant and a Cafe.

How to Get There:

1- Jbeil – Annaya – Laklouk – Tannrourine

2- Batroun-Bejdarfil-Beit Chlela – Douma-Tannourine

3-Koura – Kousba – Tourza – Qnat – Hadath El Jebbeh – Tannourine

Useful links

Tannourine Natural Reserve: www.arztannourine.org/

Eco Dalida: 03-679055

Wadi Deir Restaurant: 03-523563

Amassi Restaurant: 76-378477

Moultaqa El Nahrein Restaurant: 03-53874


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